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  1. Organization of corporate events from Event events to team building.
  2. Private tours on snowmobiles, ATV, boats. Organization of family celebrations.
  3. Holidays for children and training activities.
  4. Organization of holidays and municipal official competitions. Development and design of tourist routes.
  5. Development and construction of slopes, including the competition.
  6. Skating and toboggan tracks tyubingovyh.
  7. Development and implementation of individual landscape hiking trails.
  8. Kvadroreyds weekend.
  9. Outsourcing repair and maintenance of automotive vehicles, boats, tractors.

About Us

Tourism and Recreation in the suburbs

Travelers Moscow region is a godsend . A huge area with sprawling forests and varied natural landscapes, cultural, historical and spiritual center of Slavic civilization . This area has sandy beaches that are at arm's length from the cities with their historical and cultural traditions , diverse architecture and fascinating attractions. Moscow region in recent years has become the locomotive of various innovations in the field of tourism and recreation.

Activities - a great pastime that allows you to relax , escape from everyday life, but also to stay in shape , engage in vigorous activity . This holiday usually has little physical stress on the body , the whole body in general and involves nonprofessional sports. Such things to do in Moscow and Moscow region are very popular . Standing in front of thousands of Muscovites question - where and how to spend their free time studying or where to go , and guests of the capital - where to go to Moscow?

To date, there are a variety of outdoor activities. We will try to assist you in choosing - what to take their leisure time in Moscow and the region ?

Paintball is literally translated as a ball of paint. Energetic and exciting sport with airguns (marker ) , charged with globs of paint . After the shot the ball hits the barrier and breaks - painting the object or player. Paintball - a team game , with different scenarios , a variety of structures on sites fields or inside buildings . Usually there paintball clubs for hire special equipment , mask and, of course , the marker itself with balls . Most paintball fields located in the suburbs, but in Moscow you can find indoor and outdoor paintball fields . Zorbing - this descent from the slope in a bowl. Descent is possible in both summer and winter season - from the snowy hills. There is a water zorbing - walking, running in a ball in the water.

Zorb - this structure, consisting of a large sphere, which is attached a small , and between them a space filled with air. Zorbonavta placed in the small sphere equipped with a strong attachment . Air between the spheres provides painless descent from the mountain , and special fasteners allow a person to experience the feeling of flight. Despite the seeming extreme, the occupation is quite safe and bring tons of fun .

At any time, you can visit the indoor rinks Moscow and Podmoskovya.Na most rinks available rental. In winter filled many open rinks in different parts of Moscow . Many of them have warm dressing rooms , as well as rental and sharpening skates rental protection. I want something more unusual than drenched hockey boxes ? In our catalog you can also find drenched paths in parks or on the roof of a skating rink . A great way to spend your leisure time in Moscow.

Squash - play sport with racket and ball. Held in a closed court on four sides , the walls have a special layout . You can play together, and the four of us . The player must hit the ball against the wall , thus , that his partner was not able to supply . The game of squash is a very dynamic , energy expending , requires the use of mental abilities , as well as is available that does not require large expenditures.

Diving dive in many water bodies located in the Moscow region , specialized pools. Our organization is able to offer for these purposes prepared water stuatsionno site located on the territory of the district Schelkovskogo

Spearfishing - a kind of sport fishing , receiving in the suburbs are growing in popularity . This sport gives the angler not only an exciting opportunity to hunt a wide variety of fish , but at the same time introduces a new angler , previously unknown to him underwater world with its beauty and features.

Scuba diving sports now are two kinds of special underwater equipment . The simplest and most popular of them - sports underwater mask with a breathing tube through which the swimmer breathes atmospheric air. To increase the speed of swimming flippers are used , worn on the feet , and to hunt for fish or athlete has a special spear gun for underwater hunting. On the territory of the district there are a number Schelkovskogo reservoirs for organizlvannogo and wild underwater safari. Price organized safari is 1500 rubles.

Wakeboarding is not cheap, but the least traumatic extreme sport that is gaining popularity in our country . In wakeboarding happens hard falls and fractures , which deprive the willingness and ability to move forward . However, do not neglect wakeboarding helmet and other protection. Similarity with snowboarding tricks gives the opportunity to learn skating all year round , just need to change the board on the wakeboard winter , so do it! For these purposes in the waters Schelkovskogo district has several huge quarries , on which the competition for sports vodnomotornomu

Water skiing is a popular form of entertainment and summer sports, skating on the surface of water occurs on a special form of ski, holding the rope in his hands (in other words the cable ) mounted behind a boat ( motor boat ) ensures traction water skier.

Racing on motor - catamaran most spectacular and highly technical sport. Come to our country recently. The history of this beautiful and kind of extreme sportaprosta , like all brilliant - wild , but cute afrikantsamveter change nadulideyu stability boats vvide two cylinders on the sides . Then further and further towards improving trial and discovery. Stability , speed and maneuverability zavarazhili and pushed the bravest to compete. Easy inadezhnost catamaran pleasure of jumping contagion spread to Australia and new. Zealand, and six years later covered the entire globe. Created clubs that soon will integrate the association.

Racing motorboats - Powerboating - technical sport , including high-speed competition on motor vessels . In Noginsky Schelkovskoy districts and regular race on vodnomotonomu sport , including the international class. The nearest water area for this purpose is located in Schyolkovo Dolomite career.

Aquabike - Rental gidrociklov vodnyh - motorcycle -Djonko vodnyh motociklah. , mk

Jet skis are sitting and standing . The first type is designed for recreation and walks , the second type - sports , only used by athletes to perform complex tricks in competitions.

Manage standing jetski much harder even novices will not budge on it. Competitions PWC held in three disciplines :

  • freestyle
  • ring race
  • slalom

The most spectacular discipline - freestyle . For each competition , competitors must prepare any program consisting of various jumps, stunts , flips . The program statements must be included several mandatory elements that are defined in advance by the organizers .

Slalom . In this form , athletes must go around the buoys along the rectangular track. The winner is determined only by time.

Ring races do not differ from land races. Competitions are held on a circular track. Turns indicated by white (left) and red (right) buoys. Here winning athlete , who was the first sail to the finish. This kind of jet ski is also very spectacular, despite the seeming banality. The nearest water area equipped for racing ski and jet skiing holiday Shelkovski district located in MO.

Parasailing - active form of recreation in which a person is attached with a long rope to moving the vehicle (usually the boat ), and thanks to a special parachute soars through the air. If the motor vehicle is powerful enough , it simultaneously parachute may be two or three people

In the area there Schelkovskoy waters and boats for the organization of the sport and recreation.

ATV Rental is one of the most popular and inexpensive programs and other activities. FMX is a young sport in which athletes perform special jumping ramps , performing various tricks in flight .

For the purposes of freestyle Aniskinskoe rural settlement there is a huge sand pit , which hosts amateur races and different classes of competition . Event tourism is a type of tourism trips in which are confined to certain events . Events could be a matter of culture, sports, business , etc.

Examples of events causing a surge event tourism : the Olympics, FIFA World Cup , rock festivals , film festivals , carnivals, economic forums , motoaviashou , etc. In the suburbs many festivals held event tourism .

In the area there Schelkovskoy Calendar of events . The aim of these events - the revival of historical traditions , nurturing spirituality in the younger generation , which has always been strong Russia! The founders of the festival is the club " Akhtyrsky Hussars " Supported : Schelkovskogo Municipal District Administration , the International Fund " Creativity glory of the Fatherland ", a rural settlement Ogudnevskoe Administration , the Central Museum of the Armed Forces and the Moscow Patriarchate . Participate 500 participants, more than 35 military-historical clubs : Moscow, St. Petersburg, Voronezh , Penza, Belarus, near Moscow : Aleksandrov, Ivanteevka, Pushkin, Zelenograd, Pavlovsky Posad, Mytishchi , Korolev , Luhovitsy . Within a few days you will find yourself in the midst of the military- historical events and spectacular action : a march parade, demonstrations, reconstruction of combat battles. In the evening, spectators and participants maneuvers waiting fireworks and solemn prayer , dedicated to the memory of the fallen in the Great Patriotic War.

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